Temporary; preliminary; tentative; taken or done by way of precaution or ad interim. A term of the check collection process describing payment, credit or other settlement for a check or other item when the person giving the settlement reserves a right, by law or agreement, to recover the payment or credit if the item is not finally paid
@ provisional committee
A committee appointed for a temporary occasion
@ provisional court
A federal court with jurisdiction and powers governed by the order from which it derives its authority. A provisional court established in conquered or occupied territory by military authorities, or the provisional government, is a federal court deriving its existence and all its powers from the federal government
@ provisional government
One temporarily established in anticipation of and to exist and continue until another (more regular or more permanent) shall be organized and instituted in its stead
@ provisional injunction
Term sometimes used for interlocutory or temporary injunction
@ provisional remedy
A remedy provided for present need or for the immediate occasion; one adapted to meet a particular exigency. Particularly, a temporary process available to a plaintiff in a civil action, which secures him against loss, irreparable injury, dissipation of the property, etc., while the action is pending. Such include the remedies of injunction, appointment of a receiver, attachment, or arrest
@ provisional seizure
A remedy known under the law Louisiana, and substantially the same in general nature as attachment of property in other states

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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